Elation LoudspeakerAFFIRM AUDIO loudspeakers invite your passion for excellence in music reproduction, and inspire a visual and tactile passion for aesthetics and beauty. They harmonize with the beautifully decorated home, tastefully blending in until invited by the host to perform.

Audio enthusiasts listening experiences leave them pleasantly surprised with our successful efforts. We hear accolades like ‘amazing’, ‘unbelievable’ and ‘impossible’.  We smile knowing that perspiration, long hours, and fourteen years of dedicated research, development, prototyping, and voicing is recognized and appreciated.

Industry professionals describe Affirm Audio loudspeakers as having a presentation reminiscent of an electrostatic loudspeaker: transparent and coherent; an ambient 3-dimensional presentation; effortless detail retrieval; outstanding mid-range purity; yet offering much better dynamics

Vocalists breathe and project from the whole body. Instruments are percussive, dynamic, well defined, and properly scaled within the recreated sound-stage. Piano is incisive and tonally complete.

Affirm Audio loudspeakers are built by fine furniture artisans in the USA, and then carefully voiced prior to shipping.  Please allow Affirm Audio to build a pair of our loudspeakers especially for your home or office.

Thank you.

Robert Spence, President