Original BlueMaxx Lens and Media Spray Cleaner Kit. ($38.95) Limited Stock!

1)   One Original BlueMaxx Lens and Media Cleaner Spray bottle (85ml).

2)   One Optical Lab quality large microfiber suede lens cloth 16” X 16”.  Sewn edge.

3)   Manufacturer’s Recommended instructions

BlueMaxx products are carefully formulated to contain no abrasives, polishes, waxes, or silicone. They leave no residue when used in accordance with Affirm Audio’s recommended instructions.  Liquid is compatible with glass, polycarbonate lenses, and media disks*.

BlueMaxx Media Cleaner optimizes detail retrieval from all Audio & Video digital media. Cleaning the disk removes static build-up for better detail retrieval and then prevents static return. Our superb no-residue, formula provides quick application and removal, leaves no residue and does not develop a haze over time.  Simply the best product of its kind currently available!

“…BlueMaxx produced the best sound, scoring highest in most categories…” -Vade Forrester, Soundstage

BlueMaxx CD, DVD, and optical lens cleaner is tested and proven safe by an independent laboratory, and by audio enthusiasts and exhibitors at Rocky Mountain and Lone Star Audio Fest, CES, T.H.E. SHOW, and other industry events.

Our Optical Lab quality microfiber cloths are carefully selected to not scratch a delicate lens or media disk surface and are packaged individually.  Keep in mind that the purpose of a microfiber cloth is to wick away unwanted dust and debris from a surface wet with a lens cleaner.  As a microfiber cloth does its job it hold the debris. If it is not laundered regularly, the debris held in its fibers could scratch a future surface being cleaned.  While it is impractical to wash a lens cloth after each use,  we do recommend frequent laundering of your microfiber cloths, separately from your other laundry.  Do not use any fabric softener or dryer sheets. Once laundered, please store them in a sealed bag or other dust free environment.

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