Essence of Music Kit ($149.95)

1)   Two 20ml (0.67 oz) atomizer bottles.

2)   Optical quality microfiber lens cloths.

3)   Nitrile finger protectors (cots).

4)   Manufacturer’s Recommended instructions

Cleans and treats approximately 400 discs. For more information, please view the retail literature here.

Nitrile Finger Cots

Nitrile finger cot applicators.  144 cots per package. ($24.95)

Microfiber Cloths

Quality small microfiber suede lens cloths with a saw-cut edge to minimize fraying. Hand wash. Bulk packaged with 16 cloths  5” X 6” .  ($27.95)

Microfiber Cloths

Quality large microfiber suede lens cloths. Hand wash. Bulk packaged with 4 cloths  14” X 14” .  ($27.95)

Essence of Music two-step CD cleaner and treatment is an essential product for preparing your CD and Blu-ray discs for upload and playback. Ripping following Essence of Music application reveals and permanently captures visceral details, spatial cues, and ambient intimacies of a live event to your media server – delicacies always present, but obscured within your disc, prior to Essence of Music application.

For more information, please view our retail literature here.