In 2002 Affirm Audio introduced a CD Cleaner to Dallas area audio enthusiasts. The product notably improved the read and performance of CDs and DVDs. Today the product is sold worldwide as BlueMaxx Lens and Media Cleaner.

In 2004 Affirm Audio developed The Immersion horn loudspeaker. It was exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in October 2005.

In 2008 The Lotus Group approached Affirm Audio to develop a loudspeaker around a newly introduced, expensive hand-crafted driver imported from Japan – Feastrex. Affirm Audio’s Feastrex development project resulted in the introduction of a new Flagship model loudspeaker, The Lumination, exhibited first at T.H.E. SHOW, Las Vegas January 2008.

Thank you to our many customers friends and supporters.
Dr. Robert Spence, President
Affirm Audio